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Build-index BLUEPHRASE Pragma topics marked Backmatter syntax build-index [bluephrase · pragmas] The "build-index" pragma is used to instruct the BLUE PROCESSOR to assemble the topics of manuscript indexmarks into a back-matter index.

Processing flow

The VLI operates on a rulebook, where a rulebook is the set of all V language source code files located in a common directory. The location of this directory is specified on the command line using the -d or --directory argument. The VLI runtime is invoked using the vv command.

$ vv -d /var/vermont/etc/conf.samples

A rulebook may optionally contain a VLI configuration file, which is itself written using the V language (albeit a restrictive subset). The configuration file specifies how the VLI trip-point evaluator should behave. By convention, the configuration file is called rulebook-options, but may be explicitly named using the -c or --config command line argument.

The runtime operates on each V language file that it finds in the rulebook directory (in no particular order), sending each file to the parser to start the process. The runtime may be instructed to operate on a portion of the rulebook, rather than the entire rulebook, by specifying a subset of files using the -f or --files command line argument.